Stone Paper Carrier Bags

Carrier Bags made of Steinpapier (Stone Paper): Eco-friendly alternative to plastic bagsStone Paper Carrier Bags – Advertising material from your Stone Paper specialist

Stone Paper Bags are the environmentally responsible and modern alternative to traditional plastic bags. Would you like to customise your high-quality promotional products sustainably in the future? … Then, we have just the right solution for you! The Horizonte packaging GmbH is your specialist for advertising, promotional and exclusive Stone Paper bags.

Stone Paper combines the advantages of paper and Plastic whilst eliminating the problem of waste

„Stone Paper“ is a revolutionary material made of limestone, a naturally available resource. Not only does it offer a real alternative to conventional materials such as paper or plastic due to its environmentally friendly production, but its overall appearance makes it an ideal solution for promotional products.

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Just like polyethylene, Stone Paper is durable and waterproof. However, since it is photo-degradable it reverts back to calcium carbonate after extended exposure to sunshine and is absorbed by the atmosphere without harmful effects. In doing so it competes well with biodegradable plastic. Due to its lightweight characteristics, shape and pliability as well as the extremely high-quality appearance and texture, stone paper is equally as easy to print on as classic paper.
Stone Paper Bags provides all the benefits you would expect from a high-quality carrying case, but unlike a paper or plastic bag, it does not have any harmful effects on the environment.
Owing to its stability and modern design, the Stone Paper bag presents an alternative solution or replacement of materials such as cloth or jute bag. The popular printable fabric bag is indeed often made of organic cotton, but the water consumption for the production of this material is gigantic.


Eco-Friendly Promotional Products that cater to your needs

Your Stone Paper Carrier Bags are available with a rope handle and or optional zip lock or velcro variations. With your logo printed on it, they provide the perfect and sustainable packaging for promotional giveaways, information materials – and even for packaging food. Due to the flexibility and versatility of the product as it relates to size and shape, we can tailor the bags to your needs. Furthermore, its waterproof properties and durability ensures your promotional items will always arrive dry and safe, even without a plastic covering!

The eco-friendly paper is also ideal for labels, envelopes, calendars, note pads, maps, workbooks – and many other applications.

We customise products for you.

Please contact us with your ideas and requests and together we will provide a solution to cater to your specific needs.


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